1. Entry formalities
Visas may be required depending on your country origin.
USA citizens may not require VISA.
Passport that is valid for 6 months after the last day of your trip is required.
Visitors travelling from non borders countries are exempt from some taxes on travelling costs and new articles.

2. Are foreign inoculations needed?
No. Fortunately Argentina is an epidemic free country and hunting places are extremely safe.

3. What medication do I need to bring?
Long distance travellers should always pack medication kits for such common complaints as upset stomach, motion sickness, headache, etc. Visitors to Argentina do not usually experience stomach problems associated with drinking water. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry so when in doubt, ask for bottled water. We recommend medical insurance in the case of an unexpected illness or emergency.

4. What about travel arrangements?
You must ask your travel agent for a roundtrip airfare to Buenos Aires, and also for the roundtrip domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa airport at La Pampa province. We suggest to stay a night in the wellknown Buenos Aires big city.

5. Do I need a permit to bring my bow into Argentina?
The procedure to enter your bow to Argentina is very simple and it is done when the hunter arrives at the airport.
As the bows are not considered guns neither firearms, there is no special paperwork but mentioning the fact that you are carring a bow for hunting/recreational purposes.

Contact your Agent or nearest Argentine Consulate to obtain updated info.

6. What about hunting license?
This will be arranged by the Ranch upon your arrival as they can be adquired at the ranch.

7. Is there good shopping?
Argentina is a shopper's haven for leather, wool garments, fine gemstones, furs, antiques and gaucho goods.
We can assist you on this point but hotels referenced are nearby downtown shopping malls and well-known Florida Street.

8. When is a good time to travel ?
Argentina climate is moderate with no particular rainy season. The seasons in the Southern hemisphere are opposed to the seasons in the northern hemisphere, with high temperatures from 30°F to 95°F depending on the season.
The humidity is low in the sounth and center zone. It is a great way to take a break from cold winters, or escape from summer heat.
During Argentina summer, December, January and February temperatures raise up to 90°F. In March, April and May is moderate, with temperatures ranging between 59°F and 83°F.
Light garments for the day and warmer clothes for mornings and evenings are recommended. In June, July and August, the climate can be quite cool with temperatures ranging between 32°F and 68°F. Therefore, warm garments are suggested.
Please check Buenos Aires or La Pampa conditions through this link:

9. If we wanted to spend a day or two in Buenos Aires what would that take, what is there to do, and would you recommend it?
We can assist you here at Buenos Aires at no charge.
We will send you all the info regarding shows, city tour, attractions and that type of things. We are used to assist on Hotels and city attractions.

10. Is Argentina a safe place?
The government has recently gone through changes in an effort to stabilize the economy. The efforts appear to be working. Throughout the country it is business as usual in Argentina is a Democracy. At no times on my trips have I felt unsafe. However we always take reasonable precautions. We like to keep honest people honest.

11. Baggage limitations
The weight limit for internal Argentina flights is 40 pounds.
Excess luggage can be stored at our office in Buenos Aires if needed. Please check with your airline for current regulations.

12. What about currency?
The official currency is the peso and the current US dollar exchange rate is 1US$ = 3.7 $ (pesos).
Euros rate of exchange is aprox 1€ = 5$ (pesos)
Most shops in Buenos Aires will accept dollars and give you change in pesos if they do not have dollars. Credit cards are widely accepted, especially American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners International. Travel checks are not always accepted and when they are, banks and shops will charge approximately 3% for exchanging them. For personal checks, banks also charge between 2-3% for exchanging them. We suggest that you bring cash and use credit cards and/or personal checks for higher expenses. It is always a good idea to check the exchange rate before departure.

13. What about the lodges, How is the food like?
Accommodations are world class; our selected lodges go from 3 starts Estancias run by their families to premium Lodges. All of them can accommodate the most demanding bowhunters. We accommodate more than 4 bowhunters with non hunters companions.
Come and stay in on one of our premium double based suite rooms specially geared up for hunting activities; Generous air conditioned suite rooms with comfortable beds.
To mention one of them, accommodations consist of a main lodge house with 3 private suite rooms, a living room & main dining room with fireplace, 2 fully equipped bungalows each with 2 private suite rooms and private hall room for your hunting gear & preparation, a separate club house consisting of a large living room with fireplace and a lovely bar saloon which tends to be the spot for late hours reunions and post hunt appetizers. It also have an area for gun cleaning with an office that has a wireless internet access point and patch cords access along with a desktop PC at no charge.
Staff include a chef fully dedicated to prepare delicious home-style and international meals & desserts. Malbec wine and beer will be always available at no extra charge.
Continental breakfast, abundant and delicious international meals, also you will be able to enjoy our famous Argentinean "asado" (BBQ).

14. What about tips?
A good commond practice is to set aside U$S 35-50 per day at our lodges for tips for the staff.
It is normal to tip city guides, restaurants on a 10% base, hotel bellboys will be ok with U$S 1 per bag.

15. Is it necessary a deposit?
A deposit o is required before your trip in order to confirm your hunt reservation. The deposit is through bank transference, we can provide bank accounts in USA and Argentina.

16. Where can I rent a car?
We can reserve a car for you, or if you prefer you can book it with one of the international car rental companies that operate in Argentina.
- Avis Rent a Car
- Hertz - Annie Millet Rent a Car

17. How big are the free-range areas?
We have options in La Pampa as big as 77,000 acres. Buenos Aires selected spot is 11,000 acres large with option to hunt nearby spots for any specific game.

18. How big are the Hunting Ranches?
Our La Pampa selected ranches have more than 77,500 acres of free range in between both ranches. They also have a preserve section of about 4,500 acres.
Our Buenos Aires selected spots have free range areas from 10,000 acres and above. Entre Rios selected spot has 9,000 acres of free range.

19. Do I need special equipment apart from my archery apparel ?
When booking on a Big Game hunt, we highly recommend a good pair of binoculars, comfortable hunting boots (waterproof) and your best camouflage clothing... gaiters are must for La Pampa spots because of the “rosetas” that are like small small rounded seeds cover by thorns which stick into your lower pants.
Varmint spots are suitable for low light situations on stand hunting during night ( Argentina allows night hunting on several specie ).
A light raincoat is always welcome.
you can check
species section for bow/arrow configuration.

20. Are the bowhunts guided or self-guided?
Fully guided by our experienced guides.

21. Do the guides speak English?
We have qualified interpreters in our staff, which will be with you at the ranch or by radio at the field.

22. Can you name the list of Big Game available species ?

1 - European Boar ( male )
2 - Feral Boar

3 - Puma
4 - Water Buffalo
5 - Axis Deer
6 - Blackbuck Antelope
7 - Mouflon
8 - Fallow Deer
9 - Scottish ram
10 - 4 horned ram
11 - Wild Goat
12 - Dorsett Ram
13 - Peccary
14 - Capybara
15 - Brocket deer

23. Seasons Information

Red Deer -- March 1st to Mid July ( Roar: Mid Mar to Mid Apr )
Boar ( male ) -- Year round
Hog ( female ) -- March 1st to July 15th
Feral Boar -- Year round
Puma -- March to Sept
Buffalo -- Year round
Axis Deer -- Year round
Blackbuck Antelope -- Year round
Mouflon -- Year round *
Fallow Deer -- Year round
Scottish ram -- Year round
4 horned ram -- Year round
Wild Goat -- Year round
Dorsett Ram -- Year round
Peccary -- Year round
Pigeons -- Jan 1st to End August ( Best on Mid Apr and on )
Doves -- Year round
Ducks -- March to End August
Perdiz or Partridge -- May 1st to End July ( Best on May on )

* Only hunted in our Fenced Preserves
Year round exotics season is subject to our quality management program

24. Tell me more about Wing Shooting addon.
Most of the selected ranches offer good options for Pigeon & Dove & Partridge hunting.
Ducks spot is coordinated with a Partner Lodge located in Buenos Aires Province and another in Entre Rios province... both great hunting spots.
There is always availability of shotguns and cartridges to fully enjoy the adventure. You will easily shoot over 1,000 shells per day on Pigeons and Doves.
You will be able to go for a mixed hunt. A Pigeon, Dove, Partridges, Ducks and Big Game bowhunting with the same outfitter.

25. And if we should visit. What will be the best time?
Depends on what you want to hunt !!!

26. When occurs the Red Deer Roar ?
La Pampa Red Deer Roar takes place from mid March to Mid April. Depending on the weather and moon can vary some few days.
Everyone that comes during Roar can’t believe what is like... this is not like a bugling elk,,, this is more like a lion roar out in the woods.

27. Are there any snakes at the different Ranche?
No. You are not likely to find snakes on La Pampa and Buenos Aires region. They are likely to be found at the northern country.

28. What is the success ratio?
Due to our rich fauna and our excellent PH's and guides, we can assure you a 70-100% average success on most of our free range species.
The rates will depend on species and weather conditions.
Free Range Red Stag in rut 75%
Free Range Fallow Deer in rut 80%
Free Range Blackbuck 80%
Free Range Wild Goat 100%
Free Range Multi-Horned Sheep 100%
Free Range Wild Boar 100%,
Free Range Water Buffalo 95%
Free Range Scottish Black Face 100%.
Free Range Dorset 100%.
Free range Puma 90%
Plus other species with high success rate.

Preserve hunting option gives u a plus on succes rate but its still fair chase hunting on big areas so challenge keeps high.

29. What would you consider a realistic expectation for bowhunters to hunt free-range Red Deer in a pre rut or post rut period?
Chances for red deer are good despite being in a non rut. Pre rut gives the chance to be one of the firsts out there so you will have opportunities. There will be not so much hunting pressure so that’s on your side.
Red Deer is always a tuff tuff mission but success rate is still good on the pre rut. Post rut is more difficult but chances are good.
Clients on red deer post rut packs also go for the water Buffalo, blackbucks or rams or sheep. Boar is likely to be hunted during night and chances are high if you can shot at night. Blackbuck is as tuff as the red deer because of its most of the time a longer shot in the plains.

30. Approximately how much Big Game will be seen each day ?
You should have a shot opportunity at game every day. Game is very abundant in all of our selectes bowspots.. some of them will require an extra bunch of arrows !!

31. You offer different types of big game hunting including Puma hunting?
Puma was forbidden for 2008 season in La Pampa province. They are discussing 2009 regulation.
Despite this inconvenience, we can guarantee a good Puma hunting in a selected hunting ranch on San Luis Province ( 2-3 Hs drive form Poitahue )
Puma hunting should be done in groups of two at the most.

32. I understand at any time we could elect to go behind the fence, and what are the odds of getting a medal class free-range stag?
As mentioned we have a fenced area at one of our La Pampa free range ranches where you will find Record class Red Deer Stags plus other species. Preserve hunting option gives u a plus on succes rate but its still fair chase hunting on big areas so challenge keeps high.
Free range Red Deer bowhunting can offer u 7x7 bucks over 280 SCI points or better. La Pampa selectes spots have a quality management program to improve free range genetics.

33. Don’t know what a minimum score would be for a good free range stag.
You can dream with a 5x5 or a 6x6 stag or better... check the pictures shown in our site.

34. If archers bring their wife’s will there be enough activities for them to spend 4-6 days?
We are used to organize photo safaris, horse back riding and trekking excursions.

35. Some of the companios will want to go along on the bowhunt sometimes, is that a problem?
No problem at all.

36. Will you assist clients with all the formalities related to trophies?
Yes, of course. We'll be in charge of all the paperwork related to trophies, so that you can have everything ready when you return home. We can recommend a Miami broker to assist you on the import procedure.

37. What about the hunting schedule: number of daylight hours hunted, move to hunt site by foot or truck, tree stand or ground blind hunting, etc.?
Our bowhunts are mainly done by stalking on foot.
archers will be driven to the different section by truck and continue by foot.
A daily hunt at La Pampa free range consists on a Morning hunt by leaving the ranch at 6:15 just before first light and returning by 10:00hs aprox.
Having a premium lunch and a GOOD nap. Evening hunt starts at 17:00hs and lasts till lowest light conditions which will be till 20:30hs aprox.
You will walk as much as the hunt requires it… during Red Deer rut, trained and demanding archers can walk more than 5 miles per morning or evening hunt,,, having several attempts to different herds is something usual when looking for a certain trophy.... you will find stalking differente roaring bucks per day. As we all know, luck always rules so the hunt can turn into a tuff mission stalking elusive herds of does and its high rank big boys.
Some times water spot ground blind is the best choice, spotting on a crossing, tree stands, stalking a herd detected far away from the hills,,, Argentina offers different type of hunt according to the conditions.

38. How much hassle is there with locals or local officials (farmers, villagers, etc.)?
None whatsoever. There are no such things in Argentina.
You will be hunting in private property.

39. How much rain can I expect?
Few rains are to be expected since the weather vary from time to time. We can provide light rain "ponchos".



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